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We offer boiler repair services across Hartlepool, Whitby and Guisborough, where we are based, so get in touch if you need your boiler fixed!

If your boiler has broken down and is in need of repair, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. At Boiler Medic North East, we can promise to diagnose all types of boilers that you may have in your home, whether it's a gas or oil boiler. Just give us a call on 07401 767221 if you ever have trouble with your boiler, and your local heating engineer from Boiler Medic North East will be on hand to help.

Signs your boiler might need a boiler repair specialist

  • Water leaking from your boiler, even if it is just a small amount. 
  • Your boiler isn’t working effectively, for example taking longer than usual to heat your radiators or hot water. 
  • Your boiler switches itself off at points when it’s meant to be on and working. 
  • Your boiler is making unusual noises, such as loud banging.

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What is our boiler repair process?

Once we first learn that you have issues with your boiler, we will ask you a few questions about the problem with your boiler when you call us. Contacting us to schedule a visit is the initial step in a boiler repair. We'll get some basic information about the problem and come to your home at a suitable time to examine your boiler. We will then offer you a pricing estimate as well as an estimate of how long the work will take.

In certain circumstances, simply filling up your pressure can suffice, in which case we can walk you through the process over the phone. In most circumstances, we will come to your home as soon as possible to diagnose the problem that is causing your boiler to fail. We will visit your home if you live locally in Guisborough, Whitby, Hartlepool, or any other surrounding areas.

Boiler repairs may sometimes be performed right away, but they may take a bit longer if they are more involved or a part must be ordered that we do not have in stock as normal. We will always keep you completely informed about your repair since we understand how crucial it is to perform boiler repairs as soon as possible. Whether you employ us or not, be sure you always engage a Gas Safe qualified expert to operate on your boiler. Only these engineers are qualified to operate on gas central heating systems and hiring someone who isn't can jeopardise your safety.

We can carry out the diagnosis and repair of both gas and oil boilers. In the case of an emergency, we ask you to give us a call on 07401 767221 so that we can address your situation in a timely and professional manner. Thank you and we will look forward to your call.

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Always hire a Gas Safe registered engineer for boiler repairs

In the UK, we often replace functional boilers as early as 5-7 years, despite the fact that they should last up to 12 years. It is a problem that is specific to the UK and is caused by either poor boiler advice or previously poorly fitted installations. In most circumstances, your money would be better spent improving the efficiency of your existing boiler and heating system, and hiring a Gas Safe register to fit your new boiler is always the best thing to do to ensure you will get full use of your boiler.

When your boiler breaks down, we realise that you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. However, you must ensure that you get the correct heating engineer for the job. You'll want to make sure they're completely qualified (hiring someone who isn't Gas Safe registered could lead to more problems) and that their pricing is honest and upfront. It is our objective to make sure that all costs associated with a boiler repair are communicated to consumers and that their permission is obtained before we begin work. We have gone through thorough training, experience, and exams to demonstrate that we can safely deal with natural gas appliances and are Gas Safe registered.

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Why might you need your boiler repaired?

Older boilers contain minimal moving components, which makes them more reliable and frequently simple to fix. However, they are expected to be roughly 60% efficient, which means that 40% of the heat produced is lost. A choice to replace your boiler may be motivated by efficiency rather than dependability. Some boilers, even those installed within the last ten years, have shown to be extremely unreliable due to poor design. In fact, nowadays, many boiler insurance plans specifically forbid them. Rather than continuing with expensive and unreliable repairs, most people decide to cut their losses and replace their boiler. Most boilers will require new parts after around 10-15 years, but this is not a cause to replace the boiler. Investing in a boiler later in life is common, just as it is with a car.

Have you extended your home recently?

When you need to alter the location or type of boiler that you have due to a larger kitchen, a conservatory extension, or additional bathrooms being added to your home, it might be time to get your boiler replaced instead of repaired. When components are truly outdated, a boiler cover provider may no longer respond to calls for that defect. Many will, however, fit customer-sourced components available on eBay and other second-hand sites. 

Whether you repair or replace your boiler essentially comes down to how long you want to keep your existing boiler and risk breakdown with a decreasing probability of repair. A typical evaluation is that expanding bathrooms and floor space needs a larger boiler. This is rarely the case because boilers in all UK homes are considerably huge. It is preferable to evaluate the capabilities of the current boiler and invest in its efficiency.

Contact us today if you need your boiler repaired

If you would like to book a boiler repair service with us here at Boiler Medic North East, call us on 07401 767221. We offer smart home installation services throughout Guisborough, Whitby and Hartlepool. You can also message us via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We hope you choose Boiler Medic North East for any boiler repair services you may require. 

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