Underfloor Heating installations in Guisborough

We install underfloor heating throughout Guisborough, Hartlepool, Whitby and other surrounding areas.

Boiler Medic North East, with its experienced staff of heating engineers and underfloor heating professionals, is the place to go for your next underfloor heating project.

Based in Guisborough, we offer our underfloor heating services throughout Teesside and North Yorkshire and install underfloor heating in areas such as Whitby, Guisborough and Hartlepool, so if you live in any of these areas and want to enquire about underfloor heating, then give us a call! Or, if you'd like a free, no-obligation quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Benefits of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating can be a great alternative to traditional central heating, and there are a few advantages to getting underfloor heating installed to replace traditional radiators. 

No radiators on the wall!

When you choose to get underfloor heating installed in your home, you can free up space in your room to style and design it how you'd like. Whether you want more furniture fitted, or artwork and ornaments placed next to walls where there were pre-existing radiators, installing underfloor heating will allow you to do just that.

Little-to-no maintenance required!

There is very little that can go wrong with an underfloor heating system if it is installed correctly, which we can assure through our trusted partner programme. When pressure testing the piping during the early phases of installation, any possible leaks in the system may be found. 

Satisfying heat for your family's feet

The benefit of having an underfloor heating system is that it heats the entire floor living space around you. This results in warm feet and eliminates the need for radiators, allowing you to arrange your rooms whatever you wish. 

Lower heating costs and natural energy efficiency

When properly planned and built, underfloor heating systems are extremely efficient. Boiler Medic North East's business approach is to combine our unique design skills with the competence and knowledge of our installation partners, resulting in an underfloor heating system that costs as little as feasible to operate.

Underfloor Heating Brands 

We install and repair all makes of "wet" underfloor heating including leading brands such as:

What's "wet" underfloor heating?

"Wet" underfloor heating refers to underfloor heating that uses a series of pipes laid underneath your floor connected to your boiler. This is different from "dry" underfloor heating which is powered through electricity and therefore generally costs more each month to run. 

Underfloor heating repair

If your underfloor heating isn't working properly, then please get in touch and we'll do our best to help. If you're faced with a situation that requires urgent attention, please give us a call directly on 07401 767221. You'll speak with one of our friendly and professional engineers who will be able to talk through the issue you are experiencing and arrange a time for us to visit your property.

Why choose Boiler Medic North East?

"Excellent work. Talked in my language so I totally understand what was needed to be done. Value for money. And dog friendly too bonus!"

When you choose Boiler Medic North East to install or repair your underfloor heating system, you're going with an experienced company that holds itself to a high standard. We want to go above and beyond for our customers wherever possible and ensure they're 100% satisfied with the service we provide. Design is one of the most critical elements of an underfloor heating installation. At Boiler Medic North East, our competence in the design and specification of underfloor heating systems ensures that heating needs are satisfied as well as a fantastic quality of living for our customers.

For full peace of mind, please note that we are fully qualified and fully insured. 

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If you're looking for a free, no-obligation quote for our underfloor heating service, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. To get in touch, please give us a call on 07401 767221 or send us a message using our website's contact form. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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